Information Technology



Noble Anzio is a premised based dialer. It has two servers: the host and the dialer itself. Both systems run under the Red Hat Linux platform. It uses a powerful ATOMS(Automated Telephony Organization Management System) application. It is a character-based application which makes creating and loading of projects expedious and efficent. A scripting tool Q-Builder, an Informix written software, helps creating and modifying scripts with ease. Dialing reports and stats are effortless in the Noble-Anzio system.



Noble Cloud is a web-based dialer. The system operates under the Linux platform. It utilizes three distinct applications; Maestro, Harmony and Composer-X. Maestro is used primarily in creating projects, setups, data and dialing parameters. Harmony is used in running floor management and reporting. It also has the capability of creating customize reports according to specific requirements. Composer-X designer is used in creating and modifying scripts. Agents have the ability to log in and dial either from the office ​or home. 



Touchstar dialer is a premised based system that runs under Windows platform. The system can be configured either by T1 or SIP for voice. The ease of IVR configuration is the strength of this system in both inbound and outbound dialing. It uses eTSRedit , a scripting application to create and modify scripts. The system uses four major applications:

Touchstar Supervisor, Touchstar Administrator, Touchstar Agent and Touchstar Reporter.

These applications make dialing very easy and smooth.

At Political Connection, we have our own team of programmers and data team specialists.  

The talent on these two teams allow us to:


  • Customize Projects
  • Get Programs up in a quick timely manner - many times within 2 hours or less
  • Provide concise and accurate data back the same day
  • Easy to read reports