Quality Assurance

Political Connection takes Quality Assurance to a new level.  We have a center that is specifically designated to Quality Assurance.  This team is hired to assure we  deliver services at the highest quality in the industry. 


Our approach to achieving this standard of quality can be seen throughout our company.     Political Connection is a  process driven organization. We methodically analyze each detailed step in our practices.   Process driven quality environments allow you to zero in on issues in a quick and efficient manner.   


    Here is what to expect from the Political Connection, Quality Assurance Team:

  • All Telephone Service Representatives  are monitored live daily.  
  •  Most calls are recorded and listened to by a Quality Assurance Specialist - This allows us to collect data and identify common trends that need to be trained, coached, or disciplined.  Group and individual sessions are held on a consistent basis.  
  • Live Monitoring sessions are held with our clients
  • Documented quality checks on individuals - reps must stay above an 80% passing rate always 
  • A thorough testing of your project before it hits the production floor.
  • System Screen Shots are available for  viewing and approval