“Groundswell Communications has been working in close partnership with Political Connections for over a decade on calling programs. Political Connection serves small-scale programs and large dialing campaigns alike which results in total client satisfaction. The staff at Political Connection do more than launch phone calls- they are forward-thinking, solution oriented, and troubleshoot any issues that come up along the way. Groundswell Communications has a variety of call program needs with various reporting formats. Political Connection has worked with us to deliver reports and call program results in ways that are easy to understand can easily be loaded into a variety of different databases. ”


- The Groundswell Team

“I have worked with Political Connection for over 10 years and I could not be more pleased. This is a detail oriented business and the team masters in the details. Fast to set up, on schedule, and solid results…..and most importantly, the TSRs truly understand that they are representing my clients and do a great job communicating that on the phones. ”


- Political Client

“Great leads at affordable prices! ”


- Kathy, Kats Cruises